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SEARCHINGb : Prime Time for Applying Cream at Night

🌛 Within 11 pm to 5 am, the skin cells division is 8 times faster than daytime. This is also the prime time for cell growth and repair with greater skin absorption capabilities.

Therefore, a high-quality night cream is crucial for glowing skin as “ a stitch in time saves nine”.  The night complex from ignae, a luxury skin care from Portugal, sets itself apart with adopting the thermal water from Sao Miguel , the Azores as its major ingredient which has high concentration of anti-aging active factor for diminishing fine lines and wrinkles with firmer complexion, effectively slowing down the cosmetic signs of aging.

ignae has entered the luxury hotel chains and shops Four Seasons Hotel Lisbon, Terra Nostra Garden Hotel and Joanna Czech’s studio, owned by the US famous skin expert Joanna Czech.


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Not only night complex and the ignae range is 40% Off for celebrating the year of tiger NOW, a full set of Aqua dos Acores EDP (Flores & Azul) and Home Fragrances (Tinto & Branco) samples (2ml each) will be offered upon purchasing ignae ! Explore the Special Off >>

Translation:H2O LIVING


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