To transform skin from inside out

INFRACYTE™  is a professional skin transformation program that works to diminish visible signs of aging. Infra means beneath; Cyte means a cell, origin from Greek kytos hollow. Infracyte takes its name from the believe that we can use science to transform skin from inside out.

Designed by top scientists from the fields of cellular and molecular biology, chemistry, biophysics and medicine and qualified dermatologists, INFRACYTE™ incorporates scientifically advanced technology and top nutrient formulation to give this program three fundamental benefits:

CORRECTS previous damages `

PROTECTS healthy skin

PREVENTS future damage

CLINICALPROVEN Designed by cosmetic scientists and dermatologists, INFRACYTE is supported by science and trusted by doctors around the world to bring proven results.

Infracyte has unveiled two age-defying skin care range: one of lip treatment and another of Skin Care









Regenerative from Inside Out


Celebrities and Worldwide Doctors Beloved Instant Volumizing and Plumping Lip Gloss Made in the USA


Infracyte LUSCIOUS LIPS™, the celebrities and worldwide doctors beloved anti-ageing lip treatment from the USA provides a medicated, high-performance lip enhancement with clear and instant results.

With high-quality, nourishing, active ingredients and proven results, the next-generation advanced formula INFRACYTE LUSCIOUS LIPS™ are highly recognized by Japanese artists Hamasaki Ayumi, the Empress of J-Pop ,  actress Ayame Misaki , Girls Group ≠ME member Suzuki Hitomi , UK actress Sarah Parish and world-wide professional dermatologists, anti-aging experts, aesthetic doctors from over 11 countries including Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Italy in Europe; Latvia in Eastern Europe, Turkey ; Japan, Singapore, Indonesia in Asia; South Africa; Sydney in Australia. LUSCIOUS LIPS was selected as INFRACYTE Luscious Lips awarded as top 3 Best Cosmetics in 2022 AMWC – Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monte Carlo;  “Non-Surgical Innovator of the Year 2018”  by “Dermatology Times” and is featured in various international media VOGUE, MISS, Ritz Herald, TIROLERIN etc.. For doctors recommendations, please click the links:https://infracyte.com/pages/experts-say

  • Made in the USA, and Dermatologist tested and Cosmetic Scientists formulated
  • An extraordinary moisturizing used by medical professionals to give moisturization and restore skin suppleness while preventing water loss
  • For Long term Anti-Age Your Lips, Hydrates & moisturizes, Heal and protect & Enhance Lip Volume
  • Instant plumpness of the lips after first application; Non-irritating, non-stinging lip plumper
  • Contains the proprietary Nano-peptide along with natural ingredients Dehydrated Marine Collage, Vitamin C and E , Plant Extracts for anti-aging & volumizing; and organic moisturizing oils, Hyaluronic Acid for Moisturizing & Healing.
  •  Sulfates, parabens, silicones, and synthetic fragrances free, plus vegan and cruelty-free.

Instant Plumpness Lip with Clinical Proven Efficacy

Designed by cosmetic scientists and dermatologists, INFRACYTE LUSCIOUS LIPS™ is supported by science and trusted by doctors around the world to bring proven results of instantly plumping the lips and filling out fine lines around the lip within 3-5 minutes.


“Luscious Lips is a fantastic product for plumping and moisturizing the lips. It comes in many fun colours and works well on its own, or used as an adjunct for patients who have had lip fillers. You can see a difference in the fine lines and volume of your lips after a few applications.”

Dr. Michihiko Kinoshita – D.M.D.PH.D., Japan said, LUSCIOUS LIPS™ can minimize the appearance of lines on lips and define lip contour as well as healing, moisturizing and plumping. I absolutely recommend you LUSCIOUS LIPS™.

In clinical trials, for instant result, 92% of participants felt that their lips were more defined; 81% felt their lips were fuller. For long term, 100% reported improved lips condition; 96% reported improved and healthier looking lips; 98% felt it is good for daily use;  80% found their lips had fewer fine lines around the mouth.

Formulated with Powerful Active and Botanic to give fuller, curvier, youthful looking lips

The next-generation formula LUSCIOUS LIPS™ with high-quality, nourishing, active ingredients, not only enhances your lips but also provides them with a boost of youth and all the intensive care. Let’s introduce the anti-aging & volumizing, moisturizing & healing ingredients as below:

Anti-Aging & Volumizing Ingredients

Proprietary nano-peptides and dehydrated marine collagen

LUSCIOUS LIPS™’s patented anti-aging formula can naturally stimulate new collagen formation in the lip. Dr Gys du Plessis, medical director of Vicemed, distributors of LUSCIOUS LIPS™ in South Africa says, “the proprietary nano-peptides and dehydrated marine collagen-filling spheres ensure optimal absorption and plumping, radically increasing lip volume and enhancing the contour of the lips.”

Vitamin C and E; organic plant extracts

Formulated to enhance barrier protection to shield lips from damaging free radicals, the LUSCIOUS LIPS™ is enriched powerful antioxidants Vitamin C and E. LUSCIOUS LIPS™ also contain organic plant extracts including Aloe Vera Extract, Algae Extract, Stevia Extract and Grape Seed Extract to act as excellent antioxidant and soothing agents.

Dr Jeannine Johner-Rinderknecht, Certified Dermatologist in Switzerland says,  “Luscious Lips is one of the most refreshing lip treatments I’ve ever tried. The lips also get an extra portion of vitamin C and E … paired with Peptides and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid …”.

Intense Moisturizing & Healing Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid; organic moisturizing oils

Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid , INFRACYTE™ LUSCIOUS LIPS™ used by medical professionals to give intense moisturization and restore skin suppleness while preventing water loss. Dr Gys du Plessis further explains, with binding 1000x its molecular weight in water, once the hyaluronic has been absorbed into the lip tissue, it searches for the body’s natural water stores to instantly replump lips, bringing deep moisturization to dry and dehydrated lips.

Formulated to smoothen and rejuvenate lips, LUSCIOUS LIPS™ is infused with organic moisturising oils. Dr Jeannine Johner-Rinderknecht says, “This anti-aging lip gloss makes dry lips softer with natural oils, like avocado oil and apricot kernel oil.


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