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Inspired by unparalleled terroir of Azores,a bloombing paradise.


Inspired by wine and fruits  and bring a bit of Azores islands inside your home.



FLORES A floral aquatic fragrance

Volcanic lakes with incredible colours, an infinite array of flowers, exceptional charm, timeless tranquility. Soft rain. The scent of wet grass, buds of pittosporum and orange blossom, in a delicate ocean breeze in the spring.

Top notes: aquatic notes, tarragon

Heart notes: gardenia, pittosporum, orange blossom

Base notes: white musk, Kahili ginger

With precious natural extracts: Neroli, Pittosporum, Kahili ginger, Ylang Ylang, Tuberose, Jasmine and Bergamot.

Sizes and prices: Eau de Parfum HK $860  50 ml –  HK$1260  100 ml

AZUL A marine ozonic woody fragrance with green undertone 

Ocean winds over old wooden sailing ships drenched in salt and storms. Floral notes blend with sage and ambergris. Black volcanic rocks plunge into an incredibly deep blue ocean. Volcano offspring summon distant shipwrecks.

Top notes: ozonic notes, marine notes, bergamot

Heart notes: sage, wood, geranium, lentisk, jasmine

Base notes: ambergris, wood, davana, cryptomeria, opoponax

With precious natural extracts:

Cryptomeria, Geranium Bourbon, Clary Sage,

Lentisk, Bergamot, Davana, Opoponax

Sizes and prices: Eau de Parfum HK $860  50 ml –  HK$1260  100 ml

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Vinhas Velhas TINTO Floral fruity fragrance with nuances of red wine and pomegranate 

The opening of red wine with the fragrance of grapes ripened between ancient stone walls on the ocean. Sparkling nuances of pomegranate and cassis that close on the delicate notes of damask rose and enchanting jasmine.

Top notes: red wine, cassis

Heart notes: pomegranate, damask rose

Base notes: jasmine, musk.

With precious grape seed oil absolute.

Sizes and prices: HOME FRAGRANCES  100 ml, HK$510

Vinhas Velhas BRANCO Floral fruity with nuances of citruses and Verdelho        Sold Out

Dry notes and Verdelho minerals blend with the citrus notes of lemon and the sweetness of rum, with intense hints of neroli and violet leaf.

Top notes: white wine, lemon, rum

Heart notes: green notes, neroli

Base notes: violet leaf, ambergris

With precious grape seed oil absolute.

Sizes and prices: HOME FRAGRANCES  100 ml, HK$510

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