About ignae

About ignae

ignae is the result of years of researching the best anti-aging ingredients available on the market, hidden deep in the lush nature of the Azores. Few places can provide the deep sense of wellness and relaxation that Furnas Valley offers, known for having one of the world’s highest concentration of hydrothermal vents. São Miguel is teeming with rich natural resources and a magical sense of purity- the unique benets of remaining largely undiscovered and preserved for centuries. These untapped resources, rich in growth factors, peptides, botanical oils and minerals from the island’s countless hot springs, together make up the powerful formula used to create our Regenerating Complex.

This is how Ignae came to life.


ignae is paraben, alcohol, phthalates and sodium laureth sulphates free plus, vegan and cruelty-free.

6 Million Years in the Making of the Rarest Purity Botanical Extracts

Floating in the heart of Atlantic Ocean, the nearest sources of pollution, Azores is composed of nine volcanic islands. The natural conditions of the Azores favor the existence of ingredients with an elevated degree of purity and unique composition, due to the islands’ sea winds, volcanism.

Amongst Azores is giant pre-historic fern trees and an abundance of verdant nature with steaming calderas. Along with rainforests, peatlands, volcanic craters, centuries-old gardens……, the thermal water, the ingredient of ignae is sourced from Furnas Valley where can find more than 30 hot springs, each of them with a chemically different structure, and thousands of botanical species. Few places can provide the deep sense of wellness and relaxation.

Three of the nine islands, Corvo, Graciosa & Flores and its surrounding ocean which contains underwater black coral forests and hydro-thermal vents supporting many endemic species are Biosphere Reserves recognized by UNESCO.

From the depths of the sea in the Azores to volcanic fumaroles, the ignae team studies the most remote and inaccessible points of these islands, and constantly exploring innovative ways to incorporate diverse life forms and natural substances with an enormous potential for use in dermocosmetics compounds.

400 Nano Plant-Based Liposomes Reach Deep

Harnessing breakthrough in cosmetic liposomes, Botanic made in the size of 400 nanometers with natural Extracts encapsulation, ignae’s EPC Factor® liposomes encapsulated Azores rarest natural extracts curated 600 million ago reach deep for regenerative skin.

Innovation: Botanic Liposome in the size of 400 Nanometers 

Botanic Liposome skin care in the size of 400 Nanometers is uncommon in the market. ignae’s patent-pending EPC Factor® liposome, with the size of 400 nanometers can slip beyond the barrier of the skin, which in nature is keeping thing out, into its deeper layers, with minimal resistance, allowing the algae and plant extracts from the Azores to be absorbed in the deeper layer of skin to produce superior results of cellular regeneration of damaged cells where it is needed as a targeted delivery treatment.

Innovation: Botanic Liposomes Encapsulating Natural Extracts

In addition, plant-based Liposomes, made from botanic as well as contain natural extracts, are rare in the market, due to the low stability, poor solubility and bio-availability of natural extracts, making it quite a challenge to formulate.

ignae EPC Factor® liposomes are made from plant derived lipids, and also inside,  have the precious plant extracts from the Azores (spirulina, camellia japonica and cryptomeria japonica) owing to the size, structure and composition.

Strength in the encapsulation of the bio-availability of plant and algae extracts

ignae EPC Factor is able to protect the potent encapsulated actives, contributing to prevent their oxidation and effects of light exposure, and enhance the penetration of the plant and algae actives usually composed of large molecules into the deeper layers of the epidermis where they can be more effective.

EPC Factor can also significantly increase extracellular hyaluronic acid while decrease the amount of active MMP1, a key enzyme directly responsible for UV-induced photo-aging and collagen breakdown.

Minimal consumption of biomass, and other precious resources

ignae proprietary clean and vegan EPC Factor® liposomes can reduce, sometimes by more than a 100-fold, the amount of natural resources needed, that require small quantities of plants and algae to deliver high performance results. This enables ignae to develop transformational products without affecting biodiversity or the natural ecosystem.

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How to Apply ignae Skin Care

Nanosomes are designed with a water based head and and oil based tail. The water based head allows it to be accepted by the skin, while the oily tail propels it all the way to the deepest layers of the dermis. Thus ignae products is light and has a liquid feel, as heavier textures impede nanosomal penetration. This also makes ignae products suitable for all skin types.

Let ignae Product Sit for 1 Minute 

In using ignae’s EPC Factor® products, always start with a clean face so that the powerful plant based actives can go into the depths of your skin’s dermis. c

When layering products, please allow up to 1 minute between steps. This allows ignae’s EPC Factor® to be fully absorbed into your skin.

Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark Certified

ignae receives its accreditation from Positive Luxury as a Sustainably Company after going through a  year long rigorous compliance process.

ignae had one of the highest scores for innovation based on its R&D platforms in developing the brand own proprietary ingredients using biotechnology to develop high performance new ingredients that are sustainable to manufacture.

Positive Luxury works with over 20 leading global organizations, including University of Cambridge, UN, Stanford University……etc..to transform the luxury industry in order to shape a sustainable future in assessing brands across five criteria — governance, social framework, environmental framework, philanthropy and innovation — before handing over the Butterfly Mark.


REAL CHANGEMAKERS by Positive Luxury

For Ignae sustainability details from innovation, packaging & logistic…..etc..

please click the link : https://www.positiveluxury.com/real-changemakers/ignae/

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