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Canny Live : “Scents of Women Today Let’s Talk About Perfume & Skin Care”

“A recent discovery – the skin care , Eau de parfum and home fragrances from Azores, the autonomous region of Portugal, are excellent. I love them so much that I changed all my skin care, parfum and home fragrances, and recommend the new products range in Maxi House.” Canny Leung said.

Live Promo

Date:8 Nov 2020  Time:16:30 (HK Time)

Please click to view Aqua Dos Açores parfum and home fragrances and Ignae skin care in Maxi House


Besides, Canny has written an article about parfum in her newspaper column sometimes before to share her routines of smelling scented as well as keeping beauty. ” Scents of Women “, Apple Daily, 08 Oct 2013

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