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Very Small Amount of Product Creates Visible Effects

“When developing the formulas, Ignae made them so that the customers would need to apply just a very small amount of product. So when using the product, you have to make sure that you use just enough to cover the skin.

Since they have a very high concentration of actives, and we use special silicones and camellia oil, you only need a very small amount.  Our Serum has 57% of actives.” Founder Miguel Pombo said.

He added , our Serum has some peeling effect, thus seems like a tiny of rubber particulars/brushing dead skin cells may appear. Besides, people are used to applying too much product, so when they start using ours, sometimes this happens.

So when applying Serum, you have to apply a small amount. The effects of Ignae are more visible in mature skin.


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