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HKEJ Lifestyle Journal – Bling and Charming Eyes? Handpicks Four Sets of Glowing Eyes Products for Mother’s Day

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wonderful features for Ignae Intense Eye Complex.

Bling and Charming Eyes ? Handpicks Four Glowing Eyes Products for Mother’s Day

Text: Jaz Kong   2021-05-07


To select a high-quality eye cream or eye serum is the most difficult task for skin care routine, because the skin around eyes is very sensitive and caring is needed. Below are the writer’s recommendations for four eye cream or eye serum which may not all from famous brands, but  possess unique features. May be you can have a try.

Bling and Charming Eyes ? Handpick Four Glowing Eyes Products for Mother’s Day

ignae is a skin care brand from Portugal you may not yet familiar with, but it is a brand full of unique features: applying the best natural resources from the Azores including colostrum, hot springs, and camellia oil,  a combination not only special, but with distinctive skin beauty performance on its own.

The young founder of Ignae Miguel Pombo realized, while working in Brussels as an intern at a consultancy for pharmaceutical-industry clients, that thermal water – something his homeland Furnas Valley São Miguel is not short of – offers the benefit of anti-aging for skin.

Azorean colostrum contains a higher percentage of growth factors which promote epithelization of the skin, effectively slowing down the cosmetic signs of aging. Camellia japonica flower oil from Furnas Valley delivers antioxidant properties which can enhance skin barrier. And the applying of ignae intense Eye Complex is a special experience as well. Firstly, you will be immersed in the scent of colostrum by slightly pumping out ignae Intense Eye Complex which contains distinctive ingredient and vibrant scent of colostrum. And applying only a tiny drop of Intense Eye Complex can moisture eyes due to its considerably high concentration. Absolutely economical!

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