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SEARCHINGb :【# ENZYME CLEANSER】Portugal Deluxe Anti-Aging Skin Care ignae Upgrade & New Look


【# ENZYME CLEANSER】ignae, a deluxe regenerative skin care brand from Azores Portugal, debuts upgrade and New Look which is different from the former with having Ignae’s research and development of patent EPC Factor® Liposomes 400 Nanometers, encapsulating the unique Azores plant extracts to instantly reach deep for regeneration of cells, leaving you a firmer skin and a youthful glow. 

The first hot one is DAILY ENZYME CLEANSER containing AHA-ENRICHED HIBISCUS EXTRACT and BROMELAIN, a natural enzyme extracted from pineapples, which can remove dead skin cells, boost collagen and brighten skin. Layer products evenly over the skin, then message in circular motion. For better cleansing results, allow the cleanser sit for one minute, and it can deliver you a sense of spa facial treatment, making skin look ultra-soothing moisturizing as well as refreshing.




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