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Reviewed : Sensitive skin moisturisers, serums & more!

Heartfelt thanks Expat Living Hong Kong for reviewing ignae Blue Light Serum !

21 July, 2022 by Link

Is your skin prone to reactions and inflammation? Skin sensitivity can manifest in many different ways including dry and flaky skin, redness and rosacea. If you have sensitive skin, then you’ll want to use skincare products that are extra gentle. Check out these sensitive skin moisturisers,  serums, cleansers and more – tried and tested by EL editors and readers!

Ignae Blue Light Serum, 30ml, $1,040

I’ve spent more time with my devices than I would have liked this year. So, when I heard about Ignae’s Blue Light Serum for skin regeneration, I was intrigued. The active ingredient here is calendula flower extract, which is rich in carotenoid compounds known for their anti-blue light and anti-inflammatory properties.

The serum is dispensed by a handy dropper, so you can control exactly how much you need – and a little goes a long way! For maximum benefit, massage a drop into cleansed skin and then moisturise. At first, I found the serum made my skin a little dry. So I reduced the amount and mixed with a little moisturiser; it works perfectly, leaving my skin super soft and hydrated.

Ignae hails from the Azores, a destination in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that’s famed for its hot springs and volcanic beaches. It’s a clean beauty brand that has minimal impact on the environment and is free from all the usual nasties, so it’s ideal for sensitive skin.

– Kate Woodbury

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