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ignae Innovative EPC Factor® liposomes Skin Care is Now Stocked at Canny Leung Maxi House

Engaging the Vigor and Extraordinary of Azores Six Million Years Curated Botanic Extracts While Home Stay

ignae Patent-Pending EPC Factor® Botanic Nano liposome  encapsulating the bio-availability of plant and algae extracts is scare in the market.

EPC Factor® liposome, with the size of 400 nanometers,  slip beyond the barrier of the skin, which in nature is keeping thing out, into its deeper layers, allowing the algae and plant extracts from the Azores to be absorbed through the deeper layer of skin to produce superior results of cellular regeneration of damaged cells , leaving a firmer skin and a youthful glow.

400 Nanometers Botanic Liposomes Encapsulated

Azores Rare Natural Extracts Curated Six Million Years Ago for Effective Skin Regeneration 

ignae new look is now acted on  Maxi House

Maxi House is founded by Ms Canny Leung,a seasoned entrepreneur and award-winning marketer,

famous writer and lyricist in Hong Kong.

For further understanding of the Azores Rarest Purity Botanical Extracts and

ignae’s EPC Factor® 400 Nanometers Liposomes, please click About ignae

or visit ignae official web site and ig 

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