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Hana like Life Science Lab – From natural resources to research and development of products

“Harnessing the full potential of the Azorean ecosystem, early in the morning.” 26 November 2020

With the combination of the best actives in cosmetic science with the best natural resources from the Azores, Ignae skin care range is developed by the flowers like Ignae Life Science Laboratory in Azorean São Miguel floating in the Centre of Altantic. In fact, how many years has the team spent on the R&D of Ignae products?

“The total development time frame for Ignae, from idea/concept to launch, was 7 years. This was mostly due to the need to establish a protocol for the natural ingredients to keep their properties without losing quality of efficacy. We had more than a hundred prototypes for our range before launching, to make sure that we had the best possible formulation. Still today, however, we are doing research with the natural ingredients of the Azores, and have recently discovered a bacteria that only lives inside the Volcano of Furnas (from where we source the thermal water) that can stimulate collagen production in human skin, and will soon be in all our products. “ said Miguel Pombo, founder of ignae.


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