Let’s Experience Aqua dos Acores Luxuary of Simplicity & Environment Protection Olfactory Travel with the Host of Fragranceview Chanel

How does the perfume of Aqua dos Açores smell like? Let’s explore an olfactory travel of Aqua dos Açores with Peter. the trailer of Fragrance view channel. Peter realizes that same perfume triggers different responses for different people as we have different life experiences. That’s why the emotional response varies. Just like art, fragrance is a travel with full of mystery. Luxuary of Simplicity And Protecting the…

Canny Live : “Scents of Women Today Let’s Talk About Perfume & Skin Care”

“A recent discovery – the skin care , Eau de parfum and home fragrances from Azores, the autonomous region of Portugal, are excellent. I love them so much that I changed all my skin care, parfum and home fragrances, and recommend the new products range in Maxi House.” Canny Leung said. Live Promo Date:8 Nov 2020  Time:16:30 (HK Time) Please…

Mingshop930 Introduces Ignae and Trys the Night Complex 23 Sept 2020

  When applying Ignae Night Complexon, how does it feel on your skin ? Let’s listen to the presenters’ sharing~~ Ignae Revitalising Night Complex stimulates collagen production and softens the skin, leaving skin feeling hydrated, and reducing the appearance of lines and pores. Ingredients:Peptides and stem cells Price﹕$1,200 HKD

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