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The Rome Film Fest 2022 & Aqua dos Acores

Italian film stars, directors and dancers who have attended the Rome Film Festival 2022 highly appreciate EDP in A floral aquatic fragrance / A marine ozonic woody fragrance with green undertone ; HOME FRAGRANCES with Floral fruity fragrance with nuances of red wine and pomegranate from Aqua dos Açores , a new Italy perfumery brand with mix of Azores Nature. Ocean. Sustainability.

Aqua dos Açores fragrances are characterized by the high concentration of natural raw materials and essential oils sourced from plants growing in the Azores combining the ancient tradition of Italian artisan perfumery with the technical innovations in both research and development of perfumes with these pure ingredients.

The fragrances are produced responsibly protecting the environment and are paraben, silicone, and petroleum free, plus vegan and cruelty-free. The concept of use and reuse is a priority for the brand, and it includes recyclable glass and completely biodegradable and recyclable packaging, FSC certified from sustainable sources.


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