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FLORES Perfume Comes from the Cloud Forest, 1,400 Miles Away from the Mainland

EAU DE PARFUM FLORES, a floral aquatic fragrance, uses the petals and leaves of 9 different plants.

Floating in the mid-Altantic, the Acores archipelago is formed from the upper sections of volcanoes. The sand and ashes expelled from the volcano submerged the surrounding land, creating an unparalleled terroir. And Oceanic islands such as the Azores differ from continental islands is that they are distant from the mainland and surrounded by vast ocean. “The flora and fauna of an oceanic islands is therfore distinct because it is made up of the those organisms that can cross oceans.”

Growing in the mountains at altitudes where the hillsides embraced by cloud, vegetation of Azores is called cloud forest. The Azores has about 850 plant species, while Aqua dos Acores FLORES EAU DE PARFUM, characterized by the high concentration of natural raw materials, uses the petals and leaves from 9 different plants growing in the cloud forest to embody the scent of floral.

FLORES EAU DE PARFUM creates the scent of the archipelago with the base notes of Kahili ginger, “a handsome plant about 1.5m tall with beautiful, sweetly scented, terminal spikes of orange-yellow spidery flowers” came from the middle altitudes of the Himalayas and is one of the gardenworthy species of the Azores volcanic island San Miguel.


Ref: “Azores – the Bradt Travel Guide” by David Sayers with Murray Steward, the 7th Edition, 2019.
David Sayers is a horticulturist, spending a lifetime exploring the world for plant; Murray Steward is an award-winning travel writer.


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