About Ignae

About Ignae

Ignae is the result of years of researching the best anti-aging ingredients available on the market, hidden deep in the lush nature of the Azores. Few places can provide the deep sense of wellness and relaxation that Furnas Valley offers, known for having one of the world’s highest concentration of hydrothermal vents. São Miguel is teeming with rich natural resources and a magical sense of purity- the unique benets of remaining largely undiscovered and preserved for centuries. These untapped resources, rich in growth factors, peptides, botanical oils and minerals from the island’s countless hot springs, together make up the powerful formula used to create our Regenerating Complex.

This is how Ignae came to life.


The Azores attributes its pure, natural environment to its unique geography, 1,400 km away from the nearest source of pollution and completely enveloped by fresh sea winds and rich volcanic elements. These rare conditions favor the existence of the nest ingredients with a unique composition and an elevated degree of purity. When the founders of Ignae realized the potential of the elements found naturally in the Azores, they decided to study these ingredients and their effects on the health of the skin.

Thus, the idea for Ignae was born: a naturally-sourced cosmetic line specially designed to target the causes of skin aging.

Ignae promises to deliver the highest possible efficiency combined with the regenerative nature of the Azores to produce visible results.


The mission of Ignae is to create and develop high-quality, effective products for human skin. We have several ongoing research projects and new ingredients in development; from the depths of the sea in the Azores to volcanic fumaroles, the Ignae team studies the most remote and inaccessible points of these islands.

These sites are home to diverse life forms and natural substances with an enormous potential for use in dermocosmetics. Ignae is constantly exploring innovative ways to incorporate them most effectively in their dermocosmetic compounds.

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